Company profile



Ortal Sas is a big private company in the north of Italy.


The company sells in the wholesale and retail market products for the farmers, in particular agrochemical product (crop protection), fertilizers, poles,  materials for renewing the orchards and various accessories.

We work with private farmers, cooperatives, agricultural stores and garden centers.


The company opened in 1982 with a little store in the little town of Lavis (close to Trento) and it has grown: three buildings are located in area of 5.000 square meters consisting of 2 warehouse, one store for customers, one deposit for fertilizers and offices for the management and the accounting.

The company is immersed in an amazing area surrounded by vineyards. 

Ortal keeps his business core in the region of Trentino Alto Adige, but is expanding in Austria, Switzerland, Serbia and Poland.

Ortal is characterized by competitive prices, service and professionalism of its employees. We send the products by our trucks or by courier.


In our company it speaks Italian, English, German and Spanish.We are official distributors of UPL, Sharda, Eurochem Agro (Nitrophoska), L.Gobbi and Valente poles.

TIMETABLE:  Wintertime (September - February) Mon - Fri  8-12  14-18
                     Summertime (March - August) Mon - Fri 8-12 14-19, Saturday 8-12.